Jamal Antar: I’m not Only Specialized in Mafia Roles

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood show, which is presented on 360, journalist Simo Benbachir interviewed Jamal Antar, who came to the United States of America from Souk Larbaa, in order to realize his dream.

Jamal Antar arrived to America in 2001, but he continued to stay regularly in France for several years before settling permanently in the United States six years ago, as he told Simo, before adding: “I started playing in Los Angeles. I was initiated by Professor Doug Warthy and I played many small roles that marked the beginning of my steps towards the realization of my childhood dream. »

Jamal Antar describes how lucky he was when he participated in the “NCIS” series, which is one of the most important American series in which he played the role of a mafia leader. The film crew treated him well and everyone liked his performance. Thus, he felt that his role was important and provided a great opportunity in his artistic career.

Jamal Antar also played alongside American star Jessica Alba in the film “Eli Finest”, where he played the role of head of an Italian mafia of Armenian origin, a very fruitful experience in his eyes, before having had the opportunity to participate in one of the most important and watched American series. This is the series “The Politician”, in which he played the role of a secret agent, a role through which, he hopes, many doors in Hollywood will open for him.

Jamal Antar does not consider himself an expert only in the roles of mafia leader or terrorist, pointing out in response to a Benbachir question that he had previously played the roles of a lawyer and a secret agent.

Regarding the chances of success for a Moroccan actor in Hollywood, Antar said that every Moroccan actor has a place in Hollywood, provided they are talented, serious and work hard to achieve it.

As for his advice to young people dreaming of success in America, Jamal said: “You must first trust yourself, and then follow your dream and put all the necessary effort into it.

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