His Father, Ajax and his Future, Hakim Ziyech Unpacks Everything

In an interview with AD, Hakim Ziyech spoke about the death of his father, the role his mother and brothers played in his education, his future and his refusal to join Sevilla last summer.

Hakim Ziyech has scored eight goals and 16 assists this season in 23 games in all competitions with Ajax Amsterdam, and has been particularly successful since last summer. His performances are being watched by a number of major European clubs, including Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Chelsea and, more recently, Paris Saint-Germain.

When asked about his future in an interview with the Dutch media, the Atlas Lion said he is not worried about the matter and is waiting to see what opportunities will open up for him next summer. “What do I think of a transfer to a new club? Nothing at all. The outside world is busy thinking about which club I should go to. I’m not at all,” he says. “I’m living in the moment, I’m having fun here and I love my life in Amsterdam. We’ll see if nothing happens, that’s life,” adds the 26-year-old Moroccan.

In his statement, the Ajax playmaker also spoke of his keen interest in Sevilla during the last summer mercato. “It was concrete. Sevilla is a very big club, too, but the problem was Monchi, their sporting director. He wanted me in Rome the year before. Everything was settled, but overnight there was no more news. And then I’d have to go to Seville? It doesn’t work like that,” he explains.

In this extended interview, Ziyech also talks about his relationship with the people in the football world. In his opinion, trust is only given to those who deserve it. “I know people and I don’t like fakes. I’m not the type to be popular with everyone. Sometimes people expect that from me, but I am not like that because there are a lot of fakes out there. Unfortunately, they have destroyed the world,” he says.

That’s why Hakim Ziyech has formed a small circle. “I have five good friends who I’ve known for years. We share everything. They form the small circle around me. And my family of course. I visit my mother twice a week”.

She is certainly proud of me but she will never say it out loud. She no longer comes to the stadium to watch the games. She’s 70 years old and can’t walk and she can’t stand the tension. But when she watches my games on TV, she always tells me how she feels when I’m tackled,” he says.

Hakim Ziyech also recounts the last moments he spent with his father before his death, when he was still a ten-year-old child. “I remember well, it was winter, just after Christmas. My father was in a bed in the living room. He’d been sick for some time, getting worse and worse. I had to go to bed that night, but I wanted to stay with him. Finally, I fell asleep on the edge of his bed. Around midnight, I woke up and went up to my room. A few hours later, around 3:00 a.m., I heard family members crying downstairs. I went into the living room. My father was dead,” he says, pointing to the important role played by his brothers in his upbringing.

“My brothers took very good care of me. And when I was fourteen, I left home to play football in Heerenveen. I ended up with a foster family, but my relationship with my family has remained very strong,” he concludes.

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