Hadi Benkirane, Creator of kaballeros.net

Elhadi “Hadi” Benkirane is the mastermind and creator of Kaballeros, a thrilling adventure about a perilous world teetering on the brink of apocalypse – and the shocking and spontaneous events that take place within it, changing reality forever.

Originally from Morocco, Hadi is a revered fashion designer, who has traveled the world and graduated from a prestigious design school in Paris, France. From there, this visionary went on to work with several internationally-recognized fashion brands in Paris, Madrid, and Milan, while also achieving a MBA in International Business. Hadi’s master’s degree both strengthened and diversified his talents and skills in management and business within the design world. As a result, he was catapulted to highly respected positions, including Head of Design, where he gained further invaluable experience about the industry.

Today, Benkirane is devoting his genius creativity to something we’ve never seen before. This incredible entrepreneur has created an exciting new world with Kaballeros, in which the history’s most legendary, ancient warriors find themselves being resurrected in modern time. Yet the true reason for their re-awakening is shrouded in mystery. Will their return save the world? You will have to stay tuned to find out!

Hadi has taken the gripping tale a step further by complementing it with a beautiful, eye-catching fashion line that features each of the story’s fifteen epic warrior characters. Now, you can wear your Kaballeros fandom everywhere you go. There’s even something for pets, in case you need a “twinsie”!


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