An Extremist Attempts to Bomb himself in Témara

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), a branch of the General Directorate of Territorial Supervision (DGST), managed, through accurate intelligence, to successfully disrupt a terrorist group belonging to the so-called “Islamic State” organization.

In the early hours of Thursday, the security operations were carried out simultaneously in the cities of Tangier, Tiflet, Témara and Skhirat. The official authorities were able to arrest five extremists between the ages of 29 and 43, according to an OCIJ statement.

It added that one of the suspects arrested in Tiflet resisted fiercely. In an attempt to expose elements of the Rapid Intervention to a terrorist attack, he seriously injured one of them in the forearm with a sharp tool, before being arrested after summoning bullets and sound bombs were fired. The same source continued: “Another suspect arrested in the town of Témara attempted to bomb himself with a large gas canister, which in turn met with fierce resistance, forcing the Rapid Intervention elements to fire four bullets, sound bombs and smoke bombs in order to blur the suspect’s vision, thereby making it possible to eliminate the danger and defeat his terrorist attacks.”

All suspects were placed under custody at the disposal of the judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office. The purpose of the investigation was to determine all possible ramifications and links of this terrorist network and to question all accomplices in these destructive plans, in addition to countering all dangers and threats arising from them. This qualitative operation comes in a context marked by the increase in terrorist threats to the Kingdom, particularly with the rise in terrorist activities in the Sahelo-Saharan region and in areas in North Africa, the statement concludes.

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