A Clinic Reportedly Declared a “False” Death of Covid-19 and Moroccan Internet Users Express Frustration

While Moroccans were already little reassured following the surge in the number of deaths in recent days, it was necessary for a publication to appear in these circumstances to spread even more doubt in people’s minds.

“The father of my friend died yesterday from a non-Covid-19 related illness. The clinic is suggesting that the family should report him as a COVID-deceased in order to avoid hospitalization costs. The figures that are announced to us are therefore being manipulated? “published an Internet user on Twitter.

It did not take long for the tweet to go viral. Indeed, in just a few hours, the publication was retweeted more than 100 times and is already posted on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. 

Several unfortunate reactions from Internet users then arise. Outraged, some are quick to comment “Opportunists to the end. Even from death they want to profit”. 

Others affirm the facts: “Yes, there are several cases like that. For death they declare Covid-19 even if it is not the case.” 

The same scenario would have happened in other cities: “In Marrakech it happened to a friend who lost his father because of a heart problem and without asking his opinion, they wrote COVID-19 dead, he made a big fuss to change the certificate”. 

Similar comments echo: “I was told a similar story about a young child who died as a result of a medical error during his circumcision.”

On the other hand, a few testify to the contrary, “I heard a story but from a different angle. A person died from Covid-19 but the family does not want to declare him Covid-19 dead”. Some wonder how this is possible, since the clinics do not accept people who test positive for Covid-19. Indeed, only some clinics in a few cities in the Kingdom have opened their doors to receive patients with the virus. 

Faced with all this stream of comments, the author of the tweet remains astonished: “I am only reporting the experience of a very close friend. I am surprised to read that several people have heard or experienced the same thing. One lawyer has even volunteered to take this to court… Conspiracy? ».

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