Discussions about a Direct Air Link between Morocco and Israel

Rabat has not officially responded to the information spread on several Israeli media platforms about the creation of a direct air line between Morocco and Israel, as part of the preparations for a future normalization, as other Arab countries have done.

Several Moroccan and foreign newspapers and websites denied the information after speaking to “diplomatic sources” who refused to reveal their identities. The Spanish News Agency or the Turkish Anadolu Agency spoke to an ” official ” who denied these rumors and added that Morocco’s position regarding normalization with Israel is clear and firm, regardless of the area. The Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Nasser Bourita, for his part, said nothing in this regard.

The same sources said the rumors are false, while other sources explained that this is an attempt to promote standardization, a subject on which Morocco has yet to make a decision. This information has been mentioned in Israeli media with high credibility, such as the Jerusalem Post, which stated that an agreement is expected soon between Morocco and Israel to create a direct flight, as part of President Donald Trump’s efforts to facilitate normalization between Israel and Arab countries.

Despite the lack of direct flights between the two countries, a significant number of Israeli tourists visit Morocco more than once a year, including Moroccan Jews who are still attached to their homeland despite long years of immigration. They insist on returning to visit the graves of their ancestors, to celebrate the Hiloula, during Jewish holidays, or to visit family and friends who have remained in Morocco. HM King Mohammed VI cares for Moroccan Jews, whether they have remained in Morocco or immigrated to Israel, France, Canada or the United States, and considers them an indispensable part of his people. He also ensures that their cemeteries and temples remain in good condition, by renovating them regularly since they are an important part of Moroccan culture.

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