Relations between Morocco and Israel Are “Excellent”

Edy Cohen, the Israeli journalist and researcher, said relations between Morocco and Israel have been established since the 1950s and that they cooperate in various matters but not officially, refusing to reveal more details.

Cohen said, during an interview with Hicham Nostik for the series “Hicham’s Interviews” broadcast on his channel on Youtube, that Israelis visit Morocco normally. He said that the Kingdom welcomes Israeli tourists and that several Jews still live there, but political constraints prevent official normalization between the two countries.

The adviser of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office Benjamin Netanyahu describes the relations between Morocco and Israel as excellent, with no wars or conflicts. Indeed, he noted in the interview that “Morocco is not an enemy, it is unfortunate that relations between us are not official because of the Palestinian cause.”

The researcher from the Begin Sadat Center for Studies and Research hopes that normalization between the two countries will take place as soon as possible. This is particularly true after the recent secret meetings between Israeli and Moroccan officials in the United States. He added that normalization will open the doors to economic revival and contribute to the prosperity of the people.

Cohen noted that there are about 1.5 million Jews of Moroccan origin in Israel, 40% of the population and the largest community in the Jewish state. They are all nostalgic for their country and many of them visit it regularly. Moreover, Cohen added that the Moroccan dialect is very present in the homes of Moroccan Jews in Israel, in addition to an avenue bearing the name of the late late Hassan II and a stamp of his image, which proves the great respect of the Kingdom and its sovereign King Mohammed VI.

Cohen said in the same interview that there are other countries nominated to normalize their relations with Israel, including Mauritania and the Sultanate of Oman. According to him, several countries in the Arab region want to normalize but they are embarrassed. Edy says they will all normalize eventually because they are fed up with the Palestinian cause and the problems it has caused and they are aware of the corruption of Palestinian officials.

He said “Israel has relations with all Arab countries, there is no Arab-Israeli conflict today but an Israeli-Palestinian conflict which is a border conflict. The Arab countries are not against us and we have peace treaties with many of them.”

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