Health pass: stricter controls in several Moroccan cities

Several supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants and other public places have stepped up checks this week and are now requiring the health pass.

According to data from the Moroccan press, residents of Rabat, Salé and Casablanca were surprised by the new measures and were obliged to show their passes in order to access these places.

In the Agdal district of the capital, several restaurants also require a pass from their customers.

Controls were reportedly stepped up following a significant increase in covid-19 cases in Morocco and in order to push anti-vaxers to go to vaccination centres to receive their doses.

It should be recalled that a member of the Scientific Technical Committee has sounded the alarm about the disaffection of citizens, for more than a month now, concerning the adherence to the national vaccination campaign against covid-19.

In a statement to Le Site info, the expert assured that few people rush to the vaccinodromes to benefit from the third dose of the anti-coronavirus vaccine, compared to the number of citizens expected. He added that the number of people who are currently being vaccinated does not exceed 60,000 per day, whereas it should have been 200,000 people per day.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has the logistical and technical means, as well as the human resources, to enable it to vaccinate some 500,000 people per day, but the disaffection of citizens has decided otherwise, our interlocutor lamented.

However, he appealed to citizens to benefit from vaccination against covid-19, in order to protect themselves and preserve their health, stressing that the vaccine remains the only way to fight the disease and specifying the importance of taking the third dose of the anti-coronavirus vaccine.

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