Car rental: professionals warn of the bankruptcy of thousands of rental companies in Morocco

In the said correspondence, the professionals considered that the owners of car rental agencies in Morocco suffer from “exclusion” due to their non-integration in the programme that the government has signed with a number of sectors affected by the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, although the sector in which they work is closely linked to tourism.

According to the same source, very small, small and medium-sized companies account for 99% of contracting in the car rental sector in Morocco, while the remaining 7,000 companies fear that they will suffer the same fate as the companies that have declared bankruptcy, and their owners are demanding “that they be included in the government’s aid programme.

The crisis of the car rental sector without driver has intensified due to the halt of the tourist activity given the continuous closure of its Moroccan borders, which has made the companies concerned unable to meet their financial, banking, social and fiscal obligations, the correspondence states, warning about the bankruptcy of thousands of car rental companies in Morocco.

At the beginning of this month the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, met with representatives of the sector of the rental of cars without drivers. The meeting focused on the revision of certain measures of the specifications relating to the operation of vehicles intended for rental, “within the framework of technological developments in the sector”.

At the end of this meeting, the two parties agreed to consolidate the dialogue, with the aim of improving the services offered and setting up an efficient and modern road transport system. Other meetings are also scheduled to define a strategy to promote this activity, which suffers from a range of problems accentuated by the pandemic crisis.

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