Drought crisis returns to the stage and reaches Parliament

In light of official data revealed by a previous report of the Economic and Social Council, there has been a worrying decline in the annual per capita share of water, to less than 650 cubic meters per year, compared to 2,500 in 1960, and it is expected that this amount will be less than 500 cubic meters by 2030. This information is alarming, and indicates that the issue of water resources management must be a priority.

In this context, Rachid Hamouni, leader of the parliamentary group of the Party of Progress and Socialism in the House of Representatives, sent a written question to the Minister of Equipment and Water, on the anticipation of the crisis of drought during the coming summer, to warn the government on the need to take proactive measures to address the crisis during the summer.

Hamouni explained that Morocco is going through a period of drought, despite the recent rains, as the percentage of filling of dams until today does not exceed 34.3%, against 51.3% during the same day last year, with a difference between the watersheds, since the water brush is being exhausted.

The parliamentarian pointed out that the summer season is approaching and that the dangers of interruption or disruption of the supply of drinking water in a number of regions of our country is approaching, with all the problems and social protests that this can cause.

Following his written question, Hamouni asked the Minister of Equipment and Water, the list of areas that will experience an exceptional shortage of drinking water, as well as the measures that the government will take with its partners, to avoid any serious problem in this regard.

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