Kirana Chindy – Criminal – Dispute Scammer From Indonesia – Received eVisa to Dubai , Travel and Forcely taking Money Back by Reporting Fraud

Kirana made an eVisa order for Dubai from a popular company and recevied the eVisa on time. She created a dispute about fraud with the company and made a big damage. Kirana is a scammer.

Kirana Chindy – eVisa she Received from Company
Kirana Admitting for her fraud and still haven’t respond for resolution

By the terms of the company , eVisa cannot be cancelled or changed, the company paid all fees for Immigration and is going to contact local police. Company offered her to cancel the dispute or pay all damage and there is no answer from her.

Chindy claims that she is trying to be cooperative after filling “fraud” on received and used product, also she claims she can’t cancel the dispute which is a lie, any dispute can be can cancelled by calling the bank and say its a mistake, seems that Chindy is real liar and professional criminal.

“the travel agency forced me to cancel the dispute which is beyond my capability.”
Kirana Chindy
Kirana Chindy
eVisa cannot be changed if customer made mistake, eVisa already paid

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