Blackmailer on the roads of Morocco : Well tours – Tachfine Bahir. Was able to Scam 36,000 Dirhams by spreading lies both sides.

Tachfine Bahir CEO of Well tours was hired remotely by US company to provide transportation service for an American citizen on Holiday. All agreements were done ahead of the trip and agreed on 15,000 Dirham. The organizer , US company, charged 2500 USD from the client (upon his written approval to the plan) for service and extras that may will occur, the trust between the organizer was unquestionable until the client contaminated by Tachfine, Tachfine got paid 9,000 Dirhams in advance. 2 days ahead of the end of the holiday Tachfine is calling the US company rep who arranged the trip screaming like crazy that he want 27,000 claiming he did extra work. the rep said Tachfine that is going to check with the client and verify. The rep immediately sent a message to the client asking for elaborations and it comes quickly. After validating with the agreement Tachfine signed for he did even less work ! however the Rep says we are going to send you the rest of 6,000 Dirhams by the agreement of 15,000 dirhams. Tachfine didn’t want anything and went to the Client Mr. D and threats that he is going to the police and he never got paid by the Organizer which was a big lie!

At this part the Client blocks the organizer and decided to listen to Tachfine without seeing the facts and the agreement. The Client later will claim that we was afraid to mess with the Police, The organizer send many messages to the Client saying don’t worry he is in trouble and if Tachfine will go to police no one believe to him. its a very well-known trick ! at the this point the client decided take a side with Tachfine without knowing the pre-payment Tachfine received, apparently he was afraid meaning that Tachfine really was played well.

On the last day of the trip Mr. D press button and Disputed the 2,500 USD from the organizer without even talking to him. Tachfine was Sneakily created issue between the client and the organizer. to the client he says on messages: “I didn’t get any payment from Mr D”. and for Mr. D. he said: “I didn’t get payment from the organizer”

TaTachfine is a big opportunist and he saw how to the additional of the 9,000 he can blackmail the 27,000 from Mr. D. and his plan was executed successfully ! TOTALLY SCAMMED BOTH SIDES! TOTAL JACKPOT of 36,000 !!! (9000 advance , 20000 cash Mr. D and 7000 wire from Mr. D)

The biggest problem of Tachfine that Organizer has evidences for all claims and prove his lies.

The Organizer hope soon Tachfine will get arrested by the Law and will get sued for hurting the Organizer Credibility.

For all evidences the french article is here:

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  1. I recently hired a him in rabat for couple days, to help me get around town. He has been nothing short of incredible, and I’ve already begun to consider him a friend. He has always arrived on time, and never has he been less than courteous. He has gone above and beyond in helping me when I’ve needed it most, and I couldn’t be happier with the service he provides, it amaze me how spammy your website and your platform and articles are, why you’re even doing this? marketing wise you look like someone is paying you to do this haha

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