South Africa International Film Festival: The Moroccan Film “Monsters” Screened in Johannesburg

The Moroccan film “Monsters” by director Aksel Rifman (Mohamed Fauzi) was screened on Thursday evening as part of the 5th edition of the South African International Film Festival, which runs from March 6-15 in Johannesburg.

The feature film, selected in the official selection, tells the story of a family taken hostage in their holiday home by three masked men. The first part of the film contains all the ingredients of a thriller, with scenes of violence, action and suspense.

But things will soon take a different turn, with horrible secrets that will emerge, prompting the audience to wonder who are the real “monsters” in this story? What started as a simple robbery case turns out to be a real Pandora’s box.

The film was inspired by an article that appeared a few years ago in the Moroccan press about a maid who had been the victim of rape, which had raised a debate in the country followed by the adoption of several laws prohibiting the employment of minors and aimed in particular at protecting girls employed as maids.

The aim of the feature film was not only to entertain the audience, but also to make them think and ask questions about their reality and their surroundings, noting that regardless of cultural differences or geographical remoteness, all human societies face the same problems.

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