No Flights Between Morocco and Great Britain before 15 July

There will be no air links between Morocco and Great Britain until (at least) 15 July. That is what one of the airlines operating flights between the two kingdoms says. The details.

According to The Telegraph, an online British media outlet, no flights will take place between Morocco and Great Britain until at least July 15, following the announcement of an airline operating these routes to its customers who have already booked tickets.

The media claims that the airline, Air Arabia, has informed its customers that flights between the two countries will not resume until at least 15 July. 

Flights between the two countries were suspended as early as March 16, four days before the Moroccan confinement came into effect. 

Ideally, the national airspace should be opened to navigation on 31 May 2020. 

Air links between the two countries are operated by several companies including RAM, EasyJet, Ryanair and British Airways. 

Wizz Air, another company, had announced that it would serve Morocco by the end of October.

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