Sion Assidon: The Last Marxist Revolutionary

For many people, Zion Assidon is considered one of the last of the Marxist revolutionaries. Indeed, despite the many years that have passed since the fall of the last socialist bastions and the decline of Marxist thought, Assidon still clings to the old principles and values that are no longer defended today. He still insists on opposing the Zionist ideology and on vigorously defending the rights of the Palestinian people and its refugees, who are struggling hard against all attempts of cultural and economic normalization with Israel.

Zion Assidon was born in 1948, a date that coincides with the creation of the State of Israel. He belongs to an Amazigh Jewish family. He was born in Safi before moving with his family to Agadir and then to Casablanca after the earthquake that struck the capital of the Souss region when Zion was 12 years old.

Later, he moved with his family to France and studied mathematics in Paris, where he became influenced by left-wing ideas, before deciding to return to Morocco in 1967, after completing his studies.

Sion Assidon is one of the first founders of the leftist experience in Morocco. His political attitude towards the regime of the time earned him a prison sentence of about 12 years. After his release, he remained faithful to his principles and clung to his anti-Zionism, inspiring respect and consideration from Moroccan human rights activists of all tendencies.

In 1986, he founded a computer company. He is married to a Palestinian-American woman who gave him a son, named Milal.

Sion Assidon is a leader and coordinator of the international movement to boycott Israel, as well as a founding member of Transparency Maroc.

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