Yann’Sine Releases a New Song Entitled “Tomorrow”

The Moroccan artist Yassine Jebli, known as Yann’Sine, has just launched his new song “Tomorrow” on his channel on YouTube and his various platforms on social networks.

This romantic song tells the story of a lover who speaks to his beloved who has left him. He asks her to come back right away, not “tomorrow”, because he needs her and hopes to stay by her side.

This promising artist, whom the Moroccan public discovered in 2013 during his time at “Studio 2M”, is preparing to launch his new album as soon as the Coronavirus crisis is over. He is also preparing to release a number of singles and to have a film experience as an actor. But he did not wish to reveal any more details about this, which he keeps as a surprise for his public, as he pointed out in an exchange with the site: www.moroccojewishtimes.com/.

Originally from Tantan, Yann’Sine already has several successful songs to his credit, such as “Inta Mkhalef” “Beautiful” and “Camélia”, in which he combined Western rhythms with Eastern music, a style for which he has been known since his participation in “The Voice” in 2015, when he was the first Moroccan to reach the live stage.

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