Ali Zaoua Foundation Organizes the 1st Online HipHop Festival

The city of Casablanca will be the center of attention this summer for hip-hop enthusiasts around the world. Thanks to the online edition of the Casablanca International HipHop Festival, there is no need to cross borders to make an appointment to visit the economic capital of Morocco.

As part of the Positive School of HipHop program, the event, which is organized by the Ali Zaoua Foundation, will be held from August 7 to 28. This first edition of the festival will highlight 3 major disciplines of HipHop culture around 4 main highlights. Many international artists will be participating as members of the juries.

The program will include:

– Worldwide Dance Battle (1st edition): The solo dance competition comes in two main categories, HipHop and Funk. It will be evaluated by 3 famous names of the worldwide HipHop scene, including: Tweet boogie (USA), an international dancer and choreographer who has collaborated with stars such as 50 Cent, Shakira, Mary J Blige or Janet Jackson. Storm (Germany), a real human Encyclopedia regarding the history of HipHop and Breakdance in Germany, he has judged several major world competitions.

Kane Wung (France), who has a career of more than 30 years, is a dancer, choreographer, dance coach, as well as a lecturer and jury at international courses.

The winners of the two categories of the Battle will each win a prize worth 5.000,00 DHs!

– Moroccan Beatbox Championship (3rd edition): It has become the flagship event of the Beatbox community in Morocco. The championship will be held this year by the 2018 World Champion Alhexinho (France), the four-time French champion KIM (France) and the first Moroccan Double M champion (Morocco – Oujda).

The Title Champion will carry a beatbox gear worth 5,000.00 DHs.

– National Rap Competition: This format, already initiated online by the Positive School of HipHop in the middle of the confinement period (May 2020), is back in full force during the festival, this time with a high-level jury committee made up of national and international artists, producers and beatmakers. Several dozen rappers from the four corners of the country are expected to attend this summer artistic gathering. The big winner of this national rap competition will win a prize worth 10,000.00 DHs.

But that’s not all!

Besides the competition, HipHop artists from around the world, whatever their level, will have the opportunity to discover their favourite artists from another angle and to benefit from their advice. This will be possible thanks to the workshops that will be put online as of this month on the official page of the @Casablancahiphopfestival (instagram and Facebook).

Casablanca International HipHop Festival is a project organized in partnership with the U.S. Embassy, the French Embassy in Morocco, the Dar America Cultural Center, the Goethe Institute and the French Institute of Casablanca.

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