Touria Jabrane: An Outstanding Figure in the Moroccan Theater

Touria Jabrane, a prolific and unavoidable female figure of the Moroccan theater, passed away a few days ago, leaving behind her a journey full of struggle and creativity.

She was born on October 16, 1952 in the famous Derb Sultan neighborhood in Casablanca under the name Touria Kryatif, but She changed her name to Touria Jabrane following her entry into the world of art. The choice of the nickname Jabrane is a tribute to her brother-in-law who adopted her after the death of her father when she was still young.

Touria fell in love with art at a very young age, but was unable to make a professional career in art at the beginning of her career out of fear of her family’s objections. She therefore held several different professions before eventually succumbing to her love for the stage and studying with the greatest teachers such as Abdessamad Kenfaoui and Abdellah Chakroun.

Touria started in amateur theater when she was only 10 years old, with the encouragement of her brother-in-law Jabrane. She was also encouraged by the great artist Abdeladim Chennaoui, who pushed her to get on the stage on several occasions to play minor roles, with a strong belief in her talents. The late theater professor Farid Benmbarek then encouraged her a lot to further develop her talents. She joined the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Rabat in 1969 but she shone on the stage of the municipal theater of Casablanca alongside the pioneer Tayeb Saddiki, through plays relating the problems and concerns of the Moroccan people. However, she faced terrible consequences: she was kidnapped, threatened and had her head completely shaved. This bad experience affected her psychologically, until His Majesty King Mohammed VI honored her in 2007 by appointing her Minister of Culture.

Well-known for her kindness and big heart, Touria helped to found several theater groups, among them: “Masrah Alyaoum” of which she was director alongside her husband Abdelouahed Ouzari and a group of actors. Touria has participated in several successful artistic works that have remained in the memories of the audience, such as “Boughaba”, “The General”, “Tayr Elil”, “Allajna” and “Ayam el’ezz”. She also played several television roles, the most famous being: “Saqr Quraych” and “Rabi’i Qurtuba” in addition to cinematic films such as: “Bamou”, “Na’oura”, “Zeft”, “Chifah Assamt”, “Aatach” and “Jaouharat Bint El Habss” …

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