Digital Trade Platforms and Promotion of Handicrafts

The Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy has signed a partnership agreement with several digital platforms in order. The aim is to improve the marketing of handicrafts and to diversify their distribution. This agreement was carried out through the “Maison de l’Artisan” (Craftsman’s House), the public institution in charge of promoting handicrafts in Morocco and elsewhere.

These platforms include Jumia, Chic Intemporel, Epicerie Verte, My Tindy, Tribaliste, Anou and Gold In. They operate in different markets and cover a variety of products. They also include both mainstream platforms and others specializing in craft products, niche markets, platforms or craft cooperatives, particularly in rural areas.

Thus, craftsmen interested in this initiative will be able to access the platform of their choice and benefit from several services, namely the free creation of stores and catalogs to display their products, especially since they will receive support and assistance in the context of digital inclusion to launch their sales activities via the Internet. Moreover, they will also receive training in marketing. Communication and awareness activities by the Ministry, the Establishment Maison de l’Artisan and partner platforms will also help craftsmen in all regions of Morocco, in partnership with the Chambers of Crafts, to enable a maximum number of craftsmen to benefit.

Craftsmen will also benefit from a communication and promotion campaign to be launched by the Establishment Maison de l’Artisan and partner platforms, to encourage potential customers to purchase craft products through these channels and platforms.

Nadia Fattah Alaoui, Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, was present at the signing ceremony of the agreements, and said that this initiative is part of the efforts by public authorities to limit the impact of the pandemic on the social and economic sector. Particularly within the handicraft sector, which employs about 2.4 million craftworkers, and to aim to promote handicraft products and encourage craftsmen to join the world of Internet sales and exploit the opportunities offered by digital marketing platforms to increase their income.

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