The Designs of “Noura”: A Combination of the Chic and the Professional

The Moroccan designer Noura Elmassaoudi in collaboration with the German Irina Natalisheva, who is a well-known designer in Munich, launched their first collection entitled “Noura”. The collection incorporated the best Italian natural fiber fabrics created by specialists working with international brands such as Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana and Chanel.

Noura Elmassaoudi

Reflecting a lot of love, passion and skill, the new collection highlights the creativity of the designer who selected the best accessories, fine-tuning the details of the collection to make a beautiful and unique fabric. Noura Messaoudi used the most luxurious cotton-based lace embroidered with gold threads, in addition to French velvet aprons embroidered exclusively with different types of flowers.

Noura Elmassaoudi

Noura and Irina left nothing to be desired for their first collection. With much collaboration and cooperation, they chose the fabrics, colors, materials and defined the accessories. This collaboration resulted in a chic collection called “Dear Needle”, which will surely inspire admiration. As each piece is unique, the whole is a coherent mix of fabrics and accessories.

Noura Elmassaoudi

The new “Dear Needle” collection associated with “Nora” offers a unique quality to those who choose it, thanks to the unique qualities that make it so, starting with the choice of natural materials, through chic designs, the pretty mix of modern colors and the perfectionism of all the pieces.

Nicolle Zellner

We can simply say that the “Nora” collection is intended for the woman who has confidence in herself and in her own unique and incomparable taste.

Noura Elmassaoudi

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