Jewish book: The extraordinary adventures of a revolutionary Jew

Alexandre Thabor, now 92 years old, gives us the incredible story that his father, Sioma, told him a few decades ago:

that of his life, his struggles and his love for his wife, Tsipora, who died in deportation to Auschwitz.

He plunges us into the greatest conflicts of the 20th century:
at the heart of the Russian Revolution in Odessa; within the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War; as a prisoner in the camps of the Vichy regime; alongside the supporters of the creation of a bi-national State of Israel.

A breathtaking, epic and sentimental tale that takes us on a journey through history and continents.

An inner adventure too, that of a man who sees his ideals of peace, justice and fraternity crumble.

Although he no longer signs a preface, Edgar Morin has made an exception this time.

The author. Born in 1928 in Tel Aviv, Alexandre Thabor was in hiding during the Occupation by Swiss Dominicans. He then participated in the creation of the State of Israel and settled in France, where he worked at the Ministry of Economy with relatives of Pierre Mendès France, before returning to Tel Aviv. He now lives in Montpellier.

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