Antisemitism: -Gassed Jewish- discovered in a Swiss scratch card lottery card

A public lottery company in Switzerland apologised for a crossword scratch card that appeared to contain the word combination “gassed Jew”.

The value of the “Top Secret” card is determined by the number of words it contains, 10 of which guarantee the cardholder up to $270,000. In a card purchased on September 4 in the town of Thônex, near Geneva, two words appearing in vertical succession were “gassed Jew”, the news site reported 20minutes last month.

The owner of the card noticed the sentence and alerted the CICAD monitoring group on antisemitism in French-speaking Switzerland. CICAD protested against what it suspected was the use of the phrase by the designers of the card.

Lotterie Romande, the company that issued the card, said in a statement that the appearance of the phrase was “an unfortunate and unintended coincidence“.

Source: Alliance Mag


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