In Israel, he gives his kitchen a makeover for less than two hundred euros

An unusual kitchen makeover

“When we bought the house, we had neither the time nor the budget to make changes,” explains Elad. But the couple could no longer bear the dark kitchen cupboards.
With only 670 NIS he took care of the kitchen makeover and the result is amazing.

“We were not satisfied with the colour of the kitchen cupboards from the beginning. The kitchen is small and not bright, and its dark brown colour only added to the feeling of claustrophobia. About three months ago, we replaced the interior doors, which were also dark brown, with cream doors, which no longer stood upright. The contrast between the two colours was striking.

Avraham, a father of five, says he usually does repairs and renovations at home himself and is only assisted by professionals when safety is at stake . “But this time I didn’t want to paint the cabinets without professional help. I decided to call on the services of Liat Kedem-Hadad and Tal Gal from Tula Studio, to consult them on the colour and type of handles to choose”.

On the recommendation of both, Avraham chose the colour Shabi Avi in Aged Grey and the handles in matt gold. He purchased 3 jars of paint, 2 boxes of water-based lacquer, 6 rolls of silk, a 1.5 inch brush to paint the edges of the cabinet bodies and handles. The handles were purchased from the Ali Express website, and the rest of the material from a hardware store. The cost of the materials was approximately 670 NIS. He also used a spatula to fill in the holes and sandpaper.

At the beginning of the process, Elad dismantled the doors and removed the handles. The doors were numbered so that they could be put back in place. He just plugged the holes in the old handles with a wooden spatula, and after waiting 3 hours for it to dry, he sanded with 320 grit sandpaper and drilled holes for the new handles.

After cleaning and drying the doors, Avraham painted them with three coats of paint. After each coat, he waited for it to dry, sanded it lightly and cleaned the dust residues. Then, he finished with a coat of varnish, dried again, sanded lightly, cleaned and finished with a new coat of varnish. “This is very important for the durability and colour enhancement of the Formica,” he explains. At the end of the process, he assembled the handles and put the doors back in place.

“The feeling of satisfaction with the work and the result is incredible,” he concludes. “I posted a few photos on the Facebook group ‘Shabi Shik’ and in the space of a day I received 550 likes, many encouraging comments and messages with questions.”

Source: Alliance Mag

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