Israel receives authorisation to start exporting fruit and vegetables to the UAE

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development hopes to begin exports in early November.
Israel received Thursday the official authorization to export fruit and vegetables to the United Arab Emirates, announced the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The authorisation follows a series of meetings and coordination between the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Alon Schuster, ministry staff and the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

The ministry hopes to begin exports in early November.

According to the Ministry, Israel faces intense competition in the European export market, making the possibility of exporting to the UAE a significant opportunity for Israeli vegetable producers.

This is especially true since the UAE market is import-based and agricultural imports to the UAE are valued at around US$10 billion a year.

This is wonderful news for Israeli farmers,” Schuster said. “The agreement we have signed with the UAE takes us forward and leads us towards a common future in agriculture.”

The Ministry analysed potential export opportunities to the UAE and found that there was a lot of potential for Israeli exports.

Due to Israel’s proximity to the United Arab Emirates, Israel can be a competitive exporter. Moreover, 80% of agricultural consumption is made up of imported products and there is a demand for healthy organic products.

Schuster called for more budgets to be allocated to agriculture so that Israel’s capacity to produce and Israel’s technology and knowledge and “the work ethic of Israeli farmers” can provide “an excellent means for the UAE to achieve food security”.

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