Treating pathologies of confinement with the neuro-pedagogue Frank Giraudeaux – video-

Pathologies due to confinement have highlighted the neuro-vegetative system and its leading role in disorders such as anxiety attacks, panic attacks, nervous breakdown, phobias, agoraphobia, eating disorders, OCD, and even domestic violence.

Confinement has caused social breakdown.

Thus, family and professional relations have been subject to a social embargo, the consequences of which we can hardly measure today.

Even if the ultimate goal is to save our lives, the fact remains that containment has given way to a whole series of troubles that are often buried.

With the absence of otherness, the social codes, the social obligations, are gradually being erased to give way to anxieties, uncontrollable fears, to domestic violence, what some have called “ensauvage”. Our dark side, our anxieties have taken over.

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