Citizenship League Celebrates World Human Rights Day

The Moroccan League for Citizenship and Human Rights celebrated on Thursday the World Day of Human Rights, announced by the UN on December 10 in 1950.

The Moroccan league commemorates this day under the theme: the effective implementation of human rights is the vaccine against poverty and violations. Indeed, the world is facing the deepest economic recession since the Great Depression, and the greatest collapse of income since 1870. With the global economy declining by 4.4%, the rate of extreme poverty in the world is expected to increase for the first time in 20 years and 115 million people are at risk of extreme poverty. For the first time since 1945, the world faces a common threat, regardless of nationality, race or religion.

At the national level, the rights movement in Morocco commemorates this day under critical national conditions, given the dangerous impacts of the pandemic on the elderly, women and girls, low-income groups, the poor and marginalized. It is also a threat to the 2030 agenda and the goals of sustainable development. Indeed, the Covid crisis has exposed the reality of poverty, inequality, deep-rooted discrimination and other faces of failure in the protection of human rights. December 10, 2020 is an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of human rights to rebuild the equalitarian country we dream of, reaffirm the demands of rights relating to all human rights and ensure the importance of national solidarity and our common humanity and cooperation as Moroccan citizens. The Moroccan League for Citizenship and Human Rights affirms that poverty, inequality, corruption, environmental deterioration and other faces of failure in the protection of human rights have caused the aggravation of the Covid-19 crisis, accompanied by political, social and economic crises that have made Morocco more vulnerable to the virus day after day.

The Executive Office of the Moroccan League for Citizenship and Human Rights called, in a statement on this occasion, to transform the Court of Auditors to a court whose reports and complaints against corruption have consequences. It will provide it with all the material and logistical needs, training, expertise and social dialogue including all categories (the unemployed, pensioners, associations for the defense of rights …). It also demanded the cancellation of the retirement of ministers, parliamentarians and advisers in the second chamber, the transfer of this money to poor pensioners and unemployed youth, the creation of a social solidarity fund for the benefit of pensioners without income by adopting the right to unemployment compensation and social coverage to all citizens. Furthermore, it called for a complete revision of the real estate laws in Morocco to benefit from the right to land and water, the determination of forest land and the resolution of the problem of pastures and communal land, according to a true philosophy of development.

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