Large theatre, covered hall, parks, museum… Agadir is preparing its transformation.

In addition to the launch of the first phase of the public reading network, the Al Inbiâat park, which extends over 25 ha, will see the creation of a media library, the Grand Theatre of Agadir, but also the rehabilitation of the green theatre, the Al Inbiâat covered hall and the Timitar museum.

As part of the sixth axis of the Urban Development Programme (PDU) of Agadir 2020-2024, notably the promotion of cultural activities, the public reading network which will cover the different districts of the city is taking shape. Out of the 23 points planned, the development of five reading points has already been launched within the framework of the first phase of this network project. These are the renovation of the Hassan El Bounamani communal library, located in the Al Massira district and the Mohamed Khaïr Eddine cultural complex in Ihchach, but also the renovation of the library in the Azzaitoune district in Tikiouine, the Anza Al Oulya crèche and the Bensergao complex. In total, this project mobilises an investment of around 56 MDH. Overall, three types of work will be carried out, namely the renovation of existing libraries, the creation of light structures and the creation of mobile libraries. On the latter point, mobile libraries in the form of bookmobiles and library containers will be set up to bring young people closer to this activity and to enrich the catalogue offered by schools.

Al Inbiâat zone: planned cultural projects

This network will also be reinforced by the realization of the project of the Documentary & Digital Resource Centre and the project of the Agadir media library within the future Al Inbiâat park on a surface of 25 hectares. This area will also include the construction of the large theatre, with a capacity of more than 1,000 seats, extending over about 2 hectares and with a budget of 80 MDH, in addition to the rehabilitation of the green theatre – including the enhancement of its façade – the rehabilitation of the Al Inbiâat covered hall and the Timitar museum in the same area. It is also planned, further on, the realization of a cultural space under the dome of the former wholesale market of Agadir, near the municipal music conservatory, and the rehabilitation in the form of a museum of the former building of Bank Al-Maghrib. This reconversion will mobilise 41.5 MDH. Other projects are an integral part of the cultural component of the PDU, in particular the enhancement of the Salam Cinema, the rehabilitation of the Talborjt municipal market and the launching of the works of the fish market and restaurants in Bab Al Marssa, located at the entrance of the port of the city on nearly 1 ha.

Bab Al Marssa: new restaurants

new fish market and restaurants on the ground floor will be built, and outdoor installations undertaken. The existing restaurants will be demolished to make way for the new ones. The project will consist of 78 restaurant units with terraces, 39 restaurant units with terraces upstairs, a fish market with a hall, a large terrace for grilling and an esplanade dedicated to exhibitions. Other projects have already been launched, notably the restoration of the Kasbah of Agadir Oufella, accompanied by an archaeological restitution as excavations have already started. Carried out as part of this rehabilitation, they have uncovered the main entrance to the Kasbah, the remains of a wall dating from the Saadian dynasty, the mihrab of the local mosque, part of the installations reserved for ablutions and a large grain millstone, also dating from the 16th century. In addition, a global envelope of 663 MDH is earmarked for the fifth axis of the PDU, devoted to the promotion of culture, the protection and enhancement of the city’s heritage as well as the construction of places of worship. It should be noted that work has already begun on the construction of the large mosque in the Essalam district, as well as the completion of the construction site with a view to starting work on the religious complex in the Sonaba district.

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