Reduction of Emirati Subsidies from 2000 to 200 DH Causes Anger among Poor Families in Casablanca

The inhabitants of the prefecture of Al Fida-Mers Sultan in Casablanca live in a state of intense anger following the reduction of subsidies reserved by the Emirates for poor families from 2000 to 200 DH. This aroused the anger of civil society associations who decided to send a letter to the Ambassador of the Emirates in Rabat in order to open an investigation on this subject.

According to informed sources, the Emirati subsidies reserved for poor families in the prefecture of Al Fida Mers-Sultan have caused controversy. Indeed, while families expected to receive 2000 DH of food products, as promised by donors, the same sources said that these subsidies were reduced by officials of the mentioned prefecture from 2000 to 200 DH, 10 times less than promised.

Sources in the prefecture justified this reduction by the fact that they want to generalize these subsidies on the largest number of families. This situation is not acceptable to civil society associations which have refused radically, and have stated their intention to send a letter to the Ambassador of the Emirates in Rabat, to inform him of the fate of these subsidies.

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