The Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani is no longer

The Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani passed away Monday at the age of 83, after a rich artistic career marked by several masterpieces.

Many Lebanese and Arab artists deplored the death of Rahbani, calling him “the great who left the artistic scene during the most beautiful period in the history of Lebanese and Arab song”. Born in 1938 in the governorate of Mount Lebanon, the deceased, who was also a conductor, had a diverse and unique artistic career, merging composition, distribution and lyric writing.

Together with his two brothers Mansour and Assi and the singer Fairuz, the late Rahbani formed what was called the “golden age” of television, theatre and music in Lebanon and the Arab world. He had composed more than 2,500 songs and pieces of music and produced visual music for more than 25 films and series.

In addition, he had composed for famous artists such as Fairuz, Sabah, Wadih Al-Safi, Melhem Barakat, Nasri Shamseddine and Majida El Roumi. The famous artist had also produced and written several plays, including “Wadi Shamssayn”, “Safrat Al Ahlam” and “Ila”. He also received international awards of renown such as the “Rostock” trophy and others in Brazil, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Greece.

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