Moroccan Star Ihab Amir releases a new song “Hikayat”

The Moroccan star Ihab Amir released his newest music video, ‘Hikayat”, on his official youtube channel.

“Hikayat” is written and composed by Ihab Amir and distributed by Ayoub El Amarti. The video clip, directed by the producer Amin El Kasimi, was shot in the city of Safi.  In fact, “Hikayat” is one of the six songs of his new album. Ihab is planning to release each one individually, so as to have each song out on a different period. The music genres of the songs vary, and in addition, the young star tried singing in the egyptian dialect for the first time.

Ihab Amir is also experimenting as an actor for the first time, by participating in a moroccan series, “Sir Al Qadim” (the Old Secret), which will be broadcasted during the month of Ramadan. The series is starring many moroccan stars, like Kamal Kadimi, Fatima Ezzahra Benasser, Abdelilah Ajil, Saaf Mouwafak and Jalal Quarriwa. 

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