Doctors from Outside Morocco and Foreign Private Clinics to Start Working in Different Cities in the Kingdom

A radical change will be experienced by the health sector in our country in the coming weeks and months. This is thanks to the huge royal project to attain a universal health coverage, which will include 22 million additional citizens. This will make Morocco a pioneer in the field of social protection on the African continent.

However, an ambitious project of this magnitude requires, in addition to significant financial allocations, qualified human resources capable of withstanding the pressure that the health system will have to face. This is especially true since access to medicines will be available to all groups in society, unlike today.

Official data published by the Ministry of Health indicate that in Morocco there are 7.3 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants, which is far from the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization. The minimum is set at 23 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants, and the faculties in the Kingdom graduate less than 3 thousand doctors annually.

In order to overcome this obstacle, it has become almost certain that the Moroccan authorities will allow foreign doctors to work in the Kingdom. In addition, the door will be open to investors from outside Morocco wishing to invest in the health sector. However, it is expected that this will only be limited at the beginning to regions which suffer from a shortage of special health care facilities and structures.

Government sources have suggested that opening the door to foreign private clinics to operate in Morocco would increase competition which would inevitably have a positive impact on the quality and price of services provided to citizens.

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