ClimateLaunchpad: two Moroccan startups stand out

Two Moroccan startups, finalists of ClimateLaunchpad Morocco, have been selected, during the African regional finals organized in Mozambique, to participate in the global finals, scheduled for late October in the Netherlands.

After deliberation, the juries announced the winners among which the two Moroccan startups ATAREC with its solution “Wave Beat” and Entomonutris.

The two startups have secured their tickets for the “Global Grand Finals” to be held from 27 to 29 October in the Netherlands, announced ClimateLaunchpad Morocco in a statement.

Following this recognition, Oussama Nour from ATAREC said: “Our experience with ClimateLaunchPad has been unique and rewarding. It allowed us to gain maturity in front of internationally renowned specialists”.

He explained that the “WAVE BEAT” project has evolved thanks to the enthusiasm of the organizing team and the energetic coaches. “We felt full support from these people who believe in what they are doing to contribute to the development of green and responsible entrepreneurship in the face of climate change challenges,” he said.

For his part, Patrick Lhomme, co-founder with Fatima Essalhi, of Entomonutris said he was very happy to reach the international final of the climatelaunchpad competition. “Beyond this victory, it is above all a recognition of the importance of our business idea as a response to environmental issues and an exceptional opportunity to promote Entomonutris and represent Morocco at the international level,” he said.

Both startups have now made their way to more international exposure and more funding opportunities and are one step closer to realizing their dream.

For the participants, it was a great surprise, but for ClimateLaunchpad Morocco, it was an even greater surprise to discover the high quality of all the startups that participated in the whole program in Morocco.

For its first edition, ClimateLaunchpad Morocco has so far proven to be very effective in selecting the best profiles. It has organized a series of follow-up sessions and an exceptional boot camp that has helped the candidates to be very competitive.

Ahmed Larouz, head of ClimateLaunchpad Morocco said: “We are not here to just run a program and leave. We came to Morocco to help build the cleantech entrepreneurship ecosystem that will face the challenges of climate change with green business and cleantech heroes.

For his part, the Dutch ambassador to Morocco, Jeroen Roodenburg, said that “climate change is a major challenge that concerns us all. With this initiative we want to support the ingenuity and creativity of young Moroccan project holders to find appropriate solutions and thus contribute to preserving our planet.

ClimateLaunchpad Morocco aims to fight climate change by supporting green ideas and solutions from startups and companies in the green tech and cleantech sectors.

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