Murder of a nurse in Casablanca: she refuses to marry him, he stabs her

A man 13 years older than her, aged 47, killed this nurse, Fatim Zahra, with a knife at her workplace. Confronted with her persistent refusal to marry him, he would have stabbed her, thus confirming the track of a crime of passion.

This was confirmed by her uncle in a statement to Moroccan media . “This man was persecuting her. She was not his fiancée, but he wanted to marry her, but we refused. He has a bad reputation and worse, he has a criminal record.”

He added: “She was so afraid of him that she asked me to accompany her to work in a taxi…I don’t understand…”

Her aunt confirms that the perpetrator wanted to marry her by force, but that Fatim Zahra’s family had repeatedly refused. “He is a man with a history, he has hurt his relatives and has even been accused of theft. We couldn’t give him our daughter”.

In a statement, the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) said the man was arrested. He was an employee of a commercial company and is suspected of involvement in a case related to assault and battery with a knife that led to death.

The suspect involved in this case was taken into custody and placed at the disposal of the judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office, in order to determine all the circumstances in which this crime was committed.

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