Good to know: A provisional vaccination pass after the 1st dose will be available from this Monday

Citizens who have received their first dose of the anti-Covid vaccine will be able to obtain a provisional vaccination pass from next Monday, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced on Friday.

In a statement, the Ministry informs “citizens who have received the first dose of the vaccine against the new coronavirus that they can obtain a provisional vaccine pass that can be downloaded directly after receiving the first dose of the vaccine, starting Monday, October 25,” noting that they will be able to obtain a full vaccination pass after receiving the second dose, 28 days after the first, as well as an updated pass after the third dose, six months after the second.

The Ministry invites all groups who have received the 1st, 2nd or 3rd dose of the vaccine to download their vaccination passes on the website dedicated to the national vaccination campaign against Covid-19 on the link “” by clicking on the icon “I download my provisional health pass” for people who have received the first dose, or on the icon “I download my health pass” for groups who have received two doses of the vaccine, as well as the third dose of the vaccine to reinforce immunity.

The groups that have received the vaccine can download this document in mobile and printable versions and can also request it from the administrative annexes near their place of residence in case they cannot download it, the same source concluded.

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