Call for repatriation of Moroccans from Syria after ISIS attack

The Coordination expressed its concern about the events taking place in the city of Al-Hasakah in Syria and the armed attack on the Ghweran prison by ISIS fighters.  

In a statement, the coordination stressed that the prison that was attacked by the Islamic State, includes inmates of Moroccan nationality, wondering how a few elements can storm and enter the prison known to be under heavy guard and subject to the authority of the international coalition?

The coordination blames “Coalition forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the international community, including the United States, for what happened to the detainees in Ghweran
prison, including Moroccans.  

Finally, the coordination warned that women and children detained in Roj and Al-Hol
camps are also in “imminent danger”, noting that clashes “are not far from them, and they are exposed to bombing or killing, not to mention the tragic situation they are living because of the snowfall”.

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