73 tourist accommodation establishments under construction in Fez-Meknes

A total of 73 tourist accommodation establishments, with an investment of 708 million DH (MDH), are under construction in the region of Fez-Meknes, according to the data of the Regional Center of Investment (CRI).

These new projects will reinforce the tourist capacity in the region, with the creation of more than 3,600 additional beds, the same source said.

The CRI of Fez-Meknes has reported, moreover, the putting into service of a dozen tourist accommodation projects with a capacity of reception estimated at 356 beds. The realization of these units has required a global investment of 151 MDH.

The CRI of Fez-Meknes indicates, moreover, that 43 tourist accommodation projects are being studied. Requiring a budgetary envelope of 920 MDH, these projects should create more than 3.000 additional beds.

The Fez-Meknes region has more than 380 classified tourist accommodation establishments, all categories included. The capacity of these units, which are spread over the nine prefectures and provinces of the region, amounts to more than 21.900 beds.

Tourism, a key economic sector for the Region, contributes to 8.5% of the national tourism GDP. It generated a turnover of 349 MDH in 2019.

The professionals are betting on the improvement of tourist services, the prospecting of emerging markets with a still under-exploited potential and the diversification of the tourist offer, through the establishment of new itineraries open to the other cities of the region (Ifrane, Meknes, Taza, Taounate and Immouzer).

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