Rabbi Pinto Receives the Princess of Norway in his private residence

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Joseph Pinto received Princess Martha Louise of Norway, the eldest daughter of King Harald V of Norway, at his residence in Manhattan last Wednesday. The princess, for whom Rabbi Pinto prepared a sumptuous dinner, was accompanied by her husband, to meet the famous rabbi and receive his advice and blessing.

During this private meeting, the Princess of Norway spoke with Rabbi Pinto on many topics, and got answers to all the questions she asked the Rabbi, who in turn expressed his admiration for the charitable works and support she offers.

The rabbi told the Norwegian princess, “You are like the Norwegian royal family from which you come, you care about spreading the values of goodness and light in the world, and therefore, God will grant you and your family health, longevity, success and blessing.”

The Princess of Norway thanked the Rabbi for his warm welcome, for all the advice and answers he gave her, for the dinner that was prepared in her honor, before adding, “Thanks to Rav Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto’s advice, wisdom and foresight, the world will become better, more positive. You are spreading the values of peace and unity throughout the world.” Adding, “We want to share this great work you are doing to spread the light and magnify the unity of the Creator.” As for her husband, he told the rabbi that he was very impressed by the teachings of the Jewish Torah, the nobility and generosity of Rabbi Pinto, before adding: “All this makes us want to do everything we can to spread the culture and the spirit of goodness around us.

The meeting also brought together, in addition to the princess and her husband, a large delegation of diplomats, public figures, businessmen, including billionaire and first investor in the field of “Bitcoin” Brock Pierce, John Paul, the president and CEO of “Ted X Water Street”, Rick Tomlinson, vice president of the Space Fund, Michael Milenar, Slovak ambassador to the United Nations, Leroy F. Major and Cherry Johnson Dell, Consul General of the Bahamas in New York, Terence Jay, American actor, as well as senior executives from Microsoft and other well-known international companies.

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