Shooting in El Jadida: the fiancée gives her version of events

The fiancée of the police officer who attempted a double homicide in El Jadida granted, this Friday, an interview to the daily Assabah where she confides on his history with the police officer, who died by suicide in Azemmour. 

His attempted murder of a woman and her daughter in El Jadida caused a stir in the city, but also throughout Morocco. After his crime was filmed and broadcast on the Internet, the police officer killed himself in Azemmour.

Today, it is the main interested party in this case, namely his fiancée who breaks the silence. Her name is Abir and it was her mother and sister who almost perished on Saturday, October 8, on the eve of Aid Al Mawlid. In an interview granted to the newspaper Assabah, the young lady, aged 29, returns on her relationship with this man, their meeting, their relationship and the beginning of their story until the separation.

She says she wanted to marry the 51-year-old policeman she met on social networks. At first, she says, the man seemed honest, especially when he told her he was divorced and had two daughters, one of whom is 25 years old.

As promised, he asks for her hand in marriage and prepares his file to obtain the marriage authorization from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN).

“I was subjected to an investigation as is the procedure. He explained it to me,” she says. All was well in the best of worlds until she discovered that the man was inclined to the bottle. In any case, this is what she tells the newspaper Assabah.

At this point, she decides to break up with him. Upon hearing the news, the man did not deny it and assured her that he would change. “He sent me messages and audio recordings promising me not to act like this anymore,” she tells the newspaper. A merry-go-round will last for weeks. As soon as his fiancée learns that he spent a drunken evening, he promises her that it is the last. Then, it starts again, specifies the lady.

Finally, it was his relatives who advised him to end his relationship with the officer. Some even told her that the man would have a bad reputation in Azemmour. And it is this rupture which would have led to the drama which almost cost the life of his mother and his sister.

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