Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto Warns: Religion Can Be a Dangerous Virus

In his final lesson, Rebbe Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto addressed the topic of conversion and drew closer to Religionwith poignant words: “Religion is a difficult virus. Once infected, trouble ensues.”

Rabbi Pinto cautioned against the notion that mere adherence to religious practices equates to spiritual closeness: “True repentance entails worshipping God and becoming His true child.”

He emphasized the intrinsic challenge of genuine Repentance: “Repentance cannot be coerced. Many return to Religionwithout truly returning to God. Religion, like a dangerous virus, spells trouble once contracted.”

Rabbi Pinto elaborated on reconnecting with God: “To return to God is to engage deeply with Him. Many may appear devout outwardly—adorned in hats, suits, and beards, even holding positions as rabbis—yet remain superficially infected with Religion, disconnected from its spiritual core.”

He contrasted Judaism with Christianity, viewing the former not as contagious but as an inherent part of identity: “God didn’t construct a religion; we are His children.”

Regarding outreach efforts, Rabbi Pinto advocated for prayer and personal example: “Pray for others’ Repentance and exemplify righteous living. Let your conduct inspire emulation.”

In conclusion, Rabbi Pinto emphasized authenticity over imitation: “True recognition of truth inspires genuine closeness. The mere imitation, however, is shallow and lacks substance—a counterfeit compared to the genuine article.”

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