A particularly bloody week

Between June 17 and 22, eleven murders were committed across Casablanca, Salé, Al Haouz, Beni Mellal, El Jadida, and Youssoufia, averaging more than two a day.

• June 21, Talat N’Yaaqoub, Al Haouz: A sixteen-year-old killed his maternal uncle, a man in his thirties, by striking him with a stone to protect his mother during an altercation.

• June 20, Casablanca: An Ivorian woman was raped and killed by a mentally disturbed man in his thirties on a building terrace in the Hassani district. The perpetrator had a history of violence.

• June 20, Zaouiat Cheikh, Beni Mellal: A septuagenarian killed his wife with an axe following a misunderstanding.

• June 20, Casablanca: A mentally ill man, recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital, committed parricide.

• June 20, Casablanca: A young man died in hooligan violence between fans of Raja de Casablanca and WAC.

• June 19, Salé: Two brothers beat a young security guard to death in the Chafaâ district.

• June 19, Médiouna: A young man killed his wife with a knife in the Er-Rachad district.

• June 19, Beni Mellal: A 40-year-old man stabbed his roommate to death over a misunderstanding.

• June 18, Moulay Abdellah, El Jadida: A man killed his neighbor after a dispute over loud music.

• June 17, Casablanca and Youssoufia: A young man killed his mother, and a nineteen-year-old killed a father in the Jdour rural commune.

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