Rabbi Pinto offered prayers and condolences following the passing of the King of Morocco’s mother.

The passing of the King of Morocco’s mother, Lala Latifah, has brought a sense of mourning to the nation. World leaders have extended their condolences to King Mohammed VI, and the Jewish community in Morocco has officially declared a period of mourning.

Upon learning of the news of the king’s mother’s passing, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto immediately organized a special gathering to offer prayers and condolences. The event took place at Rabbi Pinto’s residence in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, and was broadcast live to numerous locations worldwide.

In his address, Rabbi Pinto expressed his condolences to the king and the entire kingdom, offering prayers for the soul of the deceased and strength for King Mohammed VI and his family. He prayed for God to grant them health, happiness, and prosperity.

Rabbi Pinto concluded the gathering with a special prayer for the deceased, asking for blessings of goodness, joy, and strength for the king and his family. He hoped that the soul of the departed would find peace in the highest realms of heaven.

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