Ronaldo in Marrakesh

The football player Christiano Ronaldo is staying In Marrakesh to spend his holiday and make the final touches of his hotel which will open its doors soon. The Portuguese player, who plays now for “Jeventus” after many years in Real Madrid where he received many awards as a compensation for his outstanding performance, was seen in a restaurant next to his hotel in the touristic region of “Annakhil”.

His presence in Marrakesh made his Fans happy where they got the chance to take some pictures with him. Ronaldo’s Hotel in Marrakesh is one of the Portuguese “Pestana cr7” Chain where it is expected to hold 164 rooms and clients will be able to drink “the golden ball” cocktail and take pictures with three dimensional microscopes along with the international football legend. In addition to that, clients also will have the chance to buy T-shirts, underwear, and shoes having the CR7’s new Brand on them.

Our football player, Ronaldo, is one of the world’s stars who have been captivated by the beauty of Marrakesh City and who seize the chance to regularly visit the city so as to have beautiful moments with its friendly people. He once shared a picture of him in social media along with his friend the Moroccan champion of kick-boxing Bader Harry carrying, a matter which led the international media talk about a suspicious relationship between them.     

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