Ziad Rahbani to Perform in this Year’s Edition of Mawazine

Mawazine is hosting Ziad Rahbani, son of the legend Fairouz and the late famous composer Assy Rahbani.  

Mohammed V National Theater receives Ziad’s artistic performance along with the Lebanese artistic team called “Mashrou’ Leila”, which is an act blended by electro and rock sounds with traditional oriental music.

The first to perform in the theater’s stage is the Andalusian Flamenco group. The show will be a dance group of the Analusian traditional Flamenco, which is a dance company of the Andalusian art that performs around the globe for 20 years. Within the group most of the influential figures in Spanish dance, mainly Israel Galvan, Isabel Bayon, Campallo, Belen Maya, Patricia Guerero, and Rafaela Carrasco and many other international figures.

From Hip-Hop musical genres, the songwriter-director Abd Elmalik also takes part in this international show along with Julien Clerc the artist who reached his zenith for ages by releasing for about 28 Albums and toured the world several times along with valuable awards.

Mawazine audience will have the chance to listen and watch the American Group “Sister Sledge”, the guitarist Stanley Clarke, Samir Toumi, Sanae Marhati, and the Egyptian Singer Mohamed Mohsine.

Morocco of Cultures is an NGO established in 2001 and the one who organized the international festival Mawazine, is striving first to maintain the high quality of the festival and bring about other cultures around the world. The NGO also works to promote the essential values of sustainable policy under the guidance of the Moroccan king.

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