Hassan II Mosque, the Worshippers’ Desitination During Ramadan

Hassan II mosque becomes the only destination for prayers from all the regions in this holy month. Sometimes people come from different cities to perform “Tarawih” Prayer all together and especially in the 27th of Ramadan.

For this reason and beyond, Hassan II mosque institute plays a significant role in preparing good conditions for worshippers to frequently perform their religious rituals.

Almost all worshippers and people in Casablanca city prefer to have the “IFTAR” around the mosque or sometimes inside it so as they find a place where to perform their prayers before it gets crowded. According to the institute, 30,000 worshippers come every day to perform “Salat Tarawih” in the mosque; however, this portion is to increase in “Laylat Al-Qadr” the 27th of Ramadan.

The mosque yards are equipped by high-tech speakers, thousands of plastic rugs, lots of projectors, and the stone blocks at the disposal of the police in order to regulate the transit operations as well. The mosque also dedicates some passages for ambulance during Ramadan.

In order for the safety and security of all people, persons in charge regularly double-check the relief system whose main objective is to open the 52 mosque’s doors. Also the system of laser is settled which usually emanates from the summit of the mosque every single midnight. This latter’s importance resides in determining the Qebla, corner of praying, wherein it is vigilated along 10 kilometers away from the mosque.

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