Lbenj, Manal, and Bahaoui are to perform In Mawazine

From June 21 to 29, the international festival Mawazine is hosting a number of Moroccan artists on salé’s stage.

Mawazine will be an opportunity for Moroccans to attend the traditional rhymes of “Chaabi” that would be performed by a lot of artists including Zouhira Rebatiya, the guitarist Bourgoun who are going to initiate the show. Additionally, the famous artists Rabeh Mariwazi and Mokhtar Barkini will perform “Raggada” the traditional music of the northern region of morocco.

The guitarist singer Jebara is taking part in this beautiful show where he is going to pay homage to the Moroccan heritage by performing a mixture between Moroccan and international music along with Amazigh and Andalusian rhymes with traditional Gnawa and Flamenco. Moreover, huge amount of international singers are going to participate in Mawazine among them are: Reda Taliani, Saida Aqil, Titrit, and Saida Sharaf.

The fascinating artist “Rayssa Tashinwit” will perform an outstanding dance show along with Amazigh music in front of her audience. Cheb Youness, Manal the Rap singer, Soufian Hariri, Lbenj, Hamid Lqasri, Fnayer, Ikram Labdiya, Abdellah Daoudi, Zina Daoudiya, and Hamid Lmardi are taking part in Mawazine by performing the most outstanding songs to their audience.

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