New Theaters to Open in Morocco

New theaters will be established in different Moroccan cities in which ten of it will be completed by the end of this year (2019) and six more others by the beginning of year 2020. This was confirmed by the minister of culture and communication Mohammed Al-Aaraj in a speech delivered during the artistic celebration organized by the Higher institute of theater, arts and cultural activation to mark the National day of the theater. He also declared that the ministry is currently working on a range of projects related to theater in order to give a qualitative boost to theatrical affairs.

The Minister considered the celebration of the National Day of the Theater as an outstanding cultural event with the opportunity to evaluate the theater situation in Morocco and to draw attention and focus on the current challenges and constraints experienced by the Moroccan theater.

 He states that the National Day of the Theater also represents a perfect occasion to honor the pioneers of Moroccan artistic scene who influenced the Moroccan theater and Moroccan culture with its cultural, identical and multilingual manifestations.

He stressed the need to give particular attention to the Higher Institute of Theater Arts and Cultural Activism, which enriched the Moroccan theater with many pioneers and also young graduates who took a prominent position and won many awards at both Arab and international theater stages, noting that the Ministry of Culture is currently working on some basic projects with the purpose of reviewing the pedagogical standards adopted by the Institute and to facilitate the reliance on master’s and doctoral certificate holders in order to create qualified human resources at the theater level. The ceremony, which was attended by teachers, theater researchers and students at the Institute, was marked by the signing of the book “The aesthetic of transcendence, adaptation, theater and identity” by the playwright and academic researcher Fawzia Lebayd, who studied a number of artistic and aesthetic dimensions of the contemporary Moroccan theater, in which the critical theater researcher Hassan Yousfi presented its content.

The event also witnessed a theater play titled “We need a lot of lies to live” presented by the third and fourth year Scenography students.

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