Asmae Amrani : Morocco’s Number One Blogger

Asmae Amrani is one of the very first Moroccan women to take an interest in blogging, long before this field became fashionable and was invaded by people from all walks of life, under the name “Internet influencers”. This is certainly why she has been nicknamed “the number one blogger” in Morocco.

Asmae started her journey as a blogger through a simple fashion and beauty blog, where she published recipes, tips and pictures, before it turned into a famous blog that thousands of people follow and use. Asmae is also active on Instagram, where she has over 530.000 followers, in addition to a separate account only for her dog Chika that she uses to publish useful information about dogs (health, food, hygiene, etc.).

Asmae shares with her audience and fans all the details of her life on Instagram, even the most personal ones, such as her pregnancy and childbirth. She offers them advice on fashion, sewing, make-up and beauty, allowing all those who follow her videos to quickly become beauty experts and make-up artists themselves, without having to go to beauty salons.

Asmae is not one of those bloggers who are experts in all fields and who talk about everything. She respects her specialty and her work and does not interfere with areas that are not within her competence. In addition, she has her own salon, the “Pink Bar”, located in one of the most prestigious streets of the economic capital, Casablanca, where she welcomes customers who wish to take care of their nails, especially that she loves nail polish, uses unique bright and bold colors, and that she is best known for the different nail embellishments that give hands unique looks.

Since her earliest childhood, the dream of this young woman from Fez was to enter the world of fashion and to have her own beauty salon, a dream that she has now fulfilled thanks to her efforts and determination, as well as her desire to innovate and create, in addition to her ability to face the challenges and ignore the criticism she received at the beginning of her career. It is thanks to these critics that she has become who she is today: Morocco’s number one blogger.


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