Houda Saad: An Artist with Many Talents

Houda Saad is considered to be one of the first voices to have perfected the modern Moroccan song in its current form, notably through her songs such as “Tair El Houb”; “Bghitou walla krahtou”; “Matfakarnich”, among other hits and albums that have been very successful both in Morocco and in the Arab world, because of the quality of their words and the music, judiciously chosen by the singer.

She was born in Casablanca in 1981 in a family of established artists. Her father, the poet and lyricist Ahmed Saad, supported her in her artistic career and encouraged her to enter the world of music and singing. He stayed by her side until she was able to achieve the fame she had dreamed of from a young age at the Casablanca Conservatory, an institution she started attending when she was 12 years old.

The Moroccan public got to know her through “Noujoum al ghad” (Tomorrow’s Stars), a contest to discover promising voices, that was aired on 2M. She participated in it in 1998 and ranked 3rd. A few years later, she participated in the Arab version of “X Factor”, one of the largest Arab television productions by Rotana, but she disqualified herself at an early stage, leaving a particular emotion in the hearts of the Arab masses who followed her and who were impressed by her voice, her artistic feeling and her beautiful figure.

Houda Saad then joined the Rotana family after spending several years in Geneva, Switzerland, where, wishing to perfect her talent through university studies, she joined the Geneva Institute of Music to study the basics of Western music. This is how she caught the attention of Salem Al Hindi, the director of the most renowned production company in the Arab world, who will later produce her first album in 2009 entitled “Rtaht”, a work that has opened the doors of fame to her.

In addition to her singing talent, Houda Saad is also gifted in writing and composition. As a result, she herself supervised the writing and setting of a number of her own songs, as well as those of some of her colleagues. These songs were a great success and foreshadowed a bright future for Houda. But she has preferred to withdraw silently from the art scene in recent years, after love has knocked at the door of her heart. Seduced by the role of wife, mother and businesswoman, she invested in a hotel in Marrakech, where she lives with her small family, probably waiting for a strong return to the world of art and fame.

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