Morocco Launches the Campaign: “Beach Without Plastic”

Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment launched the “Clean Beaches 2019” campaign, which this year chose the “plastic-free beach” hashtag, the objective of which is to raise awareness among holidaymakers and beach visitors of the phenomenon of pollution caused by spilling bottles and plastics and to encourage them to reduce their use.

The kingdom’s beaches receive more than 100 million visits, while “350 million tons of plastics are produced each year, without being recycled, ending up in the oceans. It is for this reason that international civil society is now talking about a 6th continent, with reference to the quantities of plastics suspended in the oceans,” according to the Foundation’s statement.

The awareness of summer visitors about the dangers of plastic pollution will be divided into three phases:

The first one is under the theme “All for 10 tons less plastic waste per beach”, will take place in each beach where, with the support of an economic partner, awareness-raising actions will be carried out, particularly for children. These actions aim to achieve the objective of reducing the production of ten tons of waste.

The second phase will involve getting summer visitors to spend a full day on the beach without using plastic bags.

The third phase will involve participation in the Clean Beaches Program at the World Clean Up Day, a United Nations event that will bring together 18 million people in 157 countries and territories for the largest waste collection day in human history.

By organizing this event in three main events during the summer, and with the support of its many partners, the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment intends to “make Moroccan citizens aware that the reduction of this waste, which is very harmful to the environment and that biodiversity, depends largely on them,” the statement said.

It should be noted that more than a hundred of the country’s busiest beaches benefit from this campaign, which is essential for the cleanliness and protection of the coast. 63 local authorities supported by the Directorate General of Local Authorities as well as 27 economic partners and more than a hundred local associations, will be mobilized for nearly three months to raise awareness and educate summer visitors, ensure the quality of bathing water and sand, equip beaches, ensure safety, and ensure that order and regulations are respected.

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