Bahaoui and the Originality of his Style

Although he won the Young Talent Competition launched by Hatim Amor several years ago, Zouhair Bahaoui owes his artistic breakthrough to Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred who gave him the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience, when he invited him to his concert at the Mawazine Festival to perform “Mazal mazal”, the song of the romance king of Rai, Cheb Hassni, before his name was widely broadcast on social networks and the press highlighted his promising talent.

Thus, the fame of Zouhair Bahaoui, the native of Tetouan, began to consolidate quickly since he knew how to impose a musical style which is specific to him and which distinguishes him from all the young singers present on the artistic scene, but also because the words of his songs correspond to the spirit of the modern times. Also, these songs are famous among Facebook and Instagram users, who have found in him their idol, because he speaks their language. They adopted him by sharing his songs and bombarding them with their “I love”, to the point that some saw in him the competitor of the “Maallam” (Lamjarred’s song) and that the press sensed him to replace the latter in the future, something that exasperated the Lamjarred fans who began to campaign against him, accusing him of ingratitude towards the one who put him on the calf.

Thanks to the authenticity of his musical choices, Zouhair Bahaoui has managed to delight the hearts of the public, and more particularly those of children and adolescents, who memorize and recite his songs, including “Tsala solde” “Décapotable”; “Mucha Gracia”; “Dinero”; “Ghamza” and “Hasta luego”.

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